Published Works (Peer Reviewed):

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Statistics and Software

  • A Bayesian Analog to the Altnerating Least Squares Optimal Scaling Algorithm (with William Jacoby)

  • The Costs and Benefits of Conditioning on Covariates in Models for Measurement

  • Machine Learning Tools for Multiple Imputation of Corss-Sectional and Panel/TSCS Data (With Chris Schwarz)

  • Machine Learning Tools as Model Diagnostics (with William Jacoby and Chris Schwarz)

  • Flexible Control Variable Modeling using Machine Learning Tools (with Tyler Girard)

  • Missing Data and the Gibbs Sampler: A Simple Approach to Estimating Models With Missing Data (with Ryan Bakker and Johannes Karreth)

Democracy and Repression

  • The Unexpected Effect of Elections on Repression

  • Causal Mechanisms and the Democracy-Repression Nexus