ICPSR Summer Program Teaching

Interactive Visualization with Shiny

This course will focus on building web-based applications in Shiny. Shiny is a framework in R that allows users to produce interactive, web-based visualizations and applications that rely on R for computation and rendering. The course will pull from a few different texts. Luckily, those texts are freely available online. They are:

The course will include a mix of content including

  • Pre-recorded, asynchronous material that will be prepared before the course starts and available for participants to watch before the course starts.
  • Synchronous, live lectures (which will also be recorded for later viewing)
  • Synchronous, live labs (which will also be recorded for later viewing)
  • One-on-one virtual meetings to help move your projects to completion.

I will be using RStudio in the course and you should, too. There are lots of other text editors/IDEs out there, but none of them have all of the functionality that RStudio has with respect to Shiny.