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UWM POLSCI 701 - Techniques of Political Science Methodology

This course is designed to get you involved as consumers and producers of quantitative social science research. As consumers, you will be required to read and understand quantitatively oriented journal articles. Thus, even if you think you are not interested in producing quantitative research, you will very likely have to read quantitative research in your courses and for your thesis. That said, I hope this course spurs some interest in quantitative research even for those who thought they were not interested in quantitative work to begin with.

This course also provides the fundamentals of statistical analysis in general. The materials below do not include the slides from the theoretical material, which I do not have copyright permission to distribute electronically.

More details can be found in the syllabus

1 Introduction

2 Summarizing and Visualizing Data

3 Probability

4 Probability Distributions

5 Foundations for Inference/Confidence Intervals

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